Our natural world is more amazing and beautiful than any man-made endeavor. From Big Sky, Montana to Yosemite Valley, to the Majestic Mt. McKinley - I strive to bring that majesty and awe-inspiring vistas to you. I will brave snowy conditions and climb 10,000 foot peaks so that you may see what I have seen. Buckle up, the views are breathtaking! 

my imagery

I do not like to define myself as one type of photographer. Yes, fine art landscapes dominate my work. However, I love taking photographs of wildlife, people, architecture, couples in love, and special events as well. My previous clients have included Aura de la Femme, Showcase Homes, Ritz-Carlton Destination Club, and Adagio Boutiques. If it is a thing of beauty, I want to photograph it.

behind the camera 

Prior to enrolling in The Art Institute's Photography Degree Program, I began my photographic journey while living in Alaska in the summer of 2003. There I acquired a passion for capturing & sharing images.  From 35 mm film to my new Canon digital, the love continues to grow for my art. I invite you, my viewer, into my world to feel and see where I have been. Welcome to Alena Grace Photography...

Alena Grace Photography